Hoi An Roastery

Hoi An

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Hoi An Roastery

A reliable local coffee shop chain, Hoi An Roastery is one you can safely rely on for a good cup. They offer both Italian-style and Vietnamese coffees, from potent espresso and siphon to egg-yolk coffee, plus a selection of light breakfast and lunch foods. There are seven strategic locations across town, the most popular one at Lê Lợi 47.


The cafe scene of Hoi An is incredibly robust, and with Vietnam famously being one of the world's largest coffee producers, each coffee shop in Hoi An enjoys the freedom to brew its own unique blend. Coffee is often served iced, so do mention if you would rather have it hot. The typical local brew is made using a small metal drip filter that's placed directly on top of the cup, and then receives a generous splash of condensed milk to help conceal the bitter notes that sometimes come through (especially in cheaper beans). If you're feeling adventurous, order a "cà phê sữa chua" (yogurt coffee) or "cà phê trứng", which is a caffeinated drink with a heavy base of whipped egg yolks, sweetened with condensed milk.