Mosque Sidi Youssef


Copyright: Citizen 59/Wikimedia Commons

Mosque Sidi Youssef

Sidi Youssef is a historic mosque that is still operational, so make sure to schedule your visits around prayer times. The mosque is majestic inside and out, and the surrounding neighborhood offers plenty to explore.

Do & See

Get lost in the maze of the Medina's windy streets, occasionally stopping to marvel at the work of craftsmen or admire local art and architecture. Pay a visit to one of the former Islamic schools (many of them have been turned into cultural centers), and remember to stop for a glass of traditional hot mint tea. Only a few kilometers west of the city centre lie the coastal suburbs of Carthage, La Marsa and Gammarth, where most holiday resorts and luxury hotels are located. While La Marsa and Gammarth are known for their vibrant nightlife, Carthage (former seat of the powerful Carthaginian Empire) with its ancient Roman ruins is a must to explore for history lovers.