La Placita (San Andres y Sauces)

La Palma

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La Placita (San Andres y Sauces)

La Placita's palm-tree-shaded outdoor seating area with a view is rarely empty – arrive early to secure a spot in one of San Andres' favourites, a restaurant that serves a refreshing mix of Thai and Canarian flavours. The coffee selection is extensive to match.


Washed over by waters of the Atlantic, La Palma is an island whose cuisine relies on marine products, with fish, shrimp, shellfish, and octopus featured prominently on the restaurant menus. Meat is another local favorite, with a side dish of so-called "wrinkly potatoes" (papas arrugadas) with mojo sauce accompanying most meals. Quite a few restaurants serve tapas-sized small dishes, several of which may be necessary to satiate a moderate hunger.