El Jardin de la Sal (Fuencaliente)

La Palma

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El Jardin de la Sal (Fuencaliente)

You'd be wrong to take El Jardin de la Sal for a tourist trap, despite the fact that it hardly has any semblance of competition in the vicinity. The outdoor rooftop terrace overlooks the salt lakes and invites for a drink (the cafe serves local wines and draft beers) and a bite - salads, seafood, potatoes, and more.


Canary Islands' signature coffee is known as "barraquito" – a sweet concoction containing a shot of espresso, condensed and regular milk, and, typically, a few drops of Cuarenta y Tres – a Spanish liquor made with 43 ingredients (hence the name), such as fruit juices, herbs, and vanilla extract. Some establishments work with actual citrus shavings and put their own spin on the iconic classic. To savour a top-notch cup of coffee, try Cafe de Don Manuel in Santa Cruz, which is run by an award-winning barista, or head uphill to one of the island's hillside panoramic terrace bars for a snack with a view.