Suzie Wong

Kuala Lumpur

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Suzie Wong

Suzie Wong has made all sort of "best" lists when it comes to nightlife, both in KL and beyond. No wonder, for every detail of the carefully curated whole that is this exceptional speakeasy has been polished to perfection: from drinks made by award-winning mixologists to the regular live music and cabaret shows, to the pronounced Hong Kong vintage theme and noodle stand at the entrance, fit for a pre- or after-party snack.

Bars & Nightlife

Malaysia is a Muslim country, but non-Muslims are free to enjoy the alcoholic aspects of the nightlife. As dusk falls, Kuala Lumpur transforms itself into a vibrant city of entertainment and fun, becoming a playground for party-goers of all walks of life. The club culture is concentrated mainly in Jalan Telawi and Jalan P Ramlee. Below are the best bars and nightclubs in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: