Ock Pop Tok Living Craft Centre

Luang Prabang

Copyright: Nguyen Dac Dat/Shutterstock.com

Ock Pop Tok Living Craft Centre

Set serenely on the banks of the Mekong River, Ock Pop Tok Living Craft Centre provides insight into the centenary textile tradition. Here, you will have the chance to meet the people that still create textile on traditional looms, and join an array of different classes, from weaving to dyeing and batik drawing. Pay a visit to the adjacent shop for unique souvenirs to bring back home.


The World Heritage City of Luang Prabang is a haven for lovers of handicrafts, fabrics like silk and Laotian cotton, woodcarving, jewellery, and more. The Handicraft Night Market is the most popular place for shopping enthusiasts, but if hidden gems are what you are looking for, read on and find out some of the most interesting spots to shop for charming souvenirs and local products.