Nishiki Market


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Nishiki Market

For any visit to Kyōto, a stop at Nishiki Market is a must. The over 400-year-old market with its 126 stalls is a foodie haven. All sorts of scents and flavours, from the sweet savouriness of tamagoyaki (the Japanese rolled omelette) to the fried treats, to the acidic tanginess of tsukemono (pickled goods), fill the thriving narrow shopping street. Besides the delicacies, the market is also famous for kitchen paraphernalia and tools, such as the acclaimed hand-crafted knives of Aritsugu. Fun fact: almost all edibles sold here are served on sticks.

Do & See

Roaming around the charming Kyōto is a feast for the eyes. Visit Kyōto's landmarks, join a class of sadō (the Japanese tea ceremony), unwind in peaceful gardens, or head to Gion district to catch a glimpse of an elegant geisha.