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Mutanabbi Street

Hailed as the heart of Baghdad's intellectual life, Mutanabbi Street (named in honor of a celebrated 10th century Iraqi poet Al-Mutanabbi) has historically been home to multiple bookshops, outdoor book stalls and book vendors - many of these are still in operation today.

Useful Information

  • Address: Mutanabbi Street, Baghdad


Baghdad's historic shopping area stretches out from Shuhada Bridge to Ahrar Bridge, Rashid Street being a traveler's' main landmark - most specialized shopping streets (souqs) are off the Rashid Street's either side. Some highlights of the busy shopping labyrinth include the deafening Coppersmith Souq, vibrant Shorjah marketplace and colorful Clothiers and Rug Souqs. On the other side of Tigris, Mansour Mall offers a quieter, haggle-free shopping alternative.