Tunjungan Plaza


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Tunjungan Plaza

Surabaya's shopping central, this mega mall is a giant made up of five different zones, with zone 5 being home to the most upmarket brand boutiques. Bring time, as navigating the endless maze of stores might prove difficult to first-time visitors. The mall houses an IMAX cinema and a food court.


Surabaya has several handicraft and antique shops that sell carvings and textiles from Java, Bali and other islands. The city’s large shopping malls are also good places to shop in air-conditioned comfort for international-brand clothing, and other goods at very competitive prices (check out the monumental Tunjungan Plaza). The city’s gold market is on Jalan Bauram, lined with jewellers and goldsmiths shops, most products are of 24 carat purity. For a colourfully authentic shopping experience, head to one of the city's many markets. Those in the Arab Quarter, for example, feature dozens of vendors that sell cotton and silk sari lengths, batik and ikat cloth, herbs, spices and perfumes.