Borcsa Étterem

Lake Balaton

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Borcsa Étterem

The Borcsa Étterem opened its gates in 1984 and situated in one of the most beautiful promenade around the Lake Balaton. The menu is filled with some meaty Hungarian dishes supplemented by pizzas and ice cream. The upper level of the restaurant resembles a cruise ship. Here you can also enjoy Kronenburg beer specialties.


Lake Balaton is a gourmet’s heaven. The lake is surrounded by resorts devoted entirely to entertainment and leisure. Resorts such as Balatonfüred, Keszthely, and Siófok are crammed with restaurants, bars, cafes, and nightclubs offering mostly sturdy, meaty Hungarian cuisine, although Italian restaurants are extremely popular, too. The lake is home to 40 different kinds of fish and many of these make their way onto the table. The volcanic soil around Badacsony produces some of the best white grapes in the country, and the wine makes a superb accompaniment to fish suppers.