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Hong Kong

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Tim Ho Wan

If you can only have one meal in Hong Kong, make it Tim Ho Wan. The internationally renowned, Michelin-starred chain of restaurants takes its origins from Hong Kong and specialises in what is referred to as "working-class dim sum". Here, you will get the unique chance to dine on specialities most restaurants would charge an arm and a leg for all at a price lower than what one would expect to pay for a cup of coffee. Their most prized attraction is the BBQ pork buns, but the menu is highly varied and includes everything from steamed dumplings to osmanthus cake. Once seated, tick the boxes on the individual order cards on your table and hand those over to your server to place an order (there is a small selection in the illustrated menu); dishes normally arrive in no time. Expect a long wait to be seated at most locations (there are several scattered throughout Hong Kong). Our favourite outlet is the one in residential Sham Shui Po: there is usually either no wait at all or a much shorter one compared to locations downtown, plus you'll be dining in the company of locals. This branch is also where you're most likely to receive a private table (although sharing a table with strangers is customary across all outlets). At the time of writing, all Tim Ho Wan locations in Hong Kong are cash-only.


Hong Kong offers a staggering variety of cuisines from around the world: Thai, Indian, British, Italian and not least, Chinese, among many, many others. Prices also vary widely, depending on the dining experience you are looking for. Cheap, fast eats, and street food are a must for the traveller on the go, but take some time to indulge in some of the city's top-class dining, as well.