Wong Tai Sin Temple

Hong Kong

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Wong Tai Sin Temple

One of the most famous temples in the city, as well as home to Taoism, Buddhism and Confucianism. The temple features colourful decor and is believed to help make wishes come true upon request, which partly explains its popularity. Also, don't miss out on the structures of the temple which represent the five Chinese elements, along with other areas of the complex, like Three Saints Hall and Good Wish Garden that are elaborately decorated.

Do & See

Temples, museums, amusement parks and lookout points – Hong Kong has a great variety of sights to explore. Highlights include the Man Mo Temple, Victoria Peak, the Big Buddha and the night-time market in Temple Street, but be sure to find some time to explore some of the city's fantastic museums, as well: the former colonial police station of Tai Kwun, for example, reopened recently as a museum and cultural venue, and features curious spots like a full-blown bar inside a refurnished old prison.