More and Less


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More and Less

Whether riding the perfect wave or preferring to remain on firm ground, More and Less provides you with the ideal sports gear. The experienced staff will help you choose your surf- or longboard and equip you with everything else you might need. Stay a bit longer for some advice on how to get started.


The range of shopping options in Biarritz covers everything from Basque handicrafts to cool surf shorts and expensive designer labels. The surf brand Quiksilver has ties to the area, and their products can be found in many of the shops as well as in their own store by Grand Plage Beach. Other brands, including O’Neill, have shops on the beach and around Place du Port Vieux. The most expensive shopping area is situated along avenue Edouard VII, including Natacha at number 3 and Hermès at number 19, as well as along rue Mazagran and around place Clèmenceau.