Jussis Keramik

Mariehamn - Åland

Copyright: Benoit Daoust/Shutterstock.com

Jussis Keramik

The sleek designs produced by Jussis Keramik have long been recognised for their finesse; watching the pieces as they are being created in-house adds to the boutique's appeal. A bird motif runs through many of the creations.


Most shopping opportunities are centred around the pedestrian street Torggatan in Mariehamn, and in the Maritime Quarter on the shore of Slemmern Bay. Mariehamn is renowned for its handicrafts and textiles, ceramics, smithery, and silver. Look out for Guldviva jewellery, Judy’s and Jussi’s ceramics, the textile design of Korpi & Gordon and Minna Rundberg, as well as the handicraft of the SALT artists. All these are also well-suited as gifts.