La Strada Mall

Sharm el-Sheikh

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La Strada Mall

Not only a variety of stores and boutiques, but also plenty of cafes to sit down for a quick break await you at this shopping center. Don't be hesitant to bargain - it is well expected.


Without a doubt, Naama Bay is the top spot in Sharm for shopping. The lively tourist area is packed with fashionable clothes shops, jewellery stores and other shops offering pretty much anything. As the Naama Bay area is a thriving night life spot, many shops here stay open until midnight or even later. In Nabq you can find Al Khan and La Strada, two malls with shopping, food and entertainment and in Al Hadaba the main shopping spot is Il Mercato. Do not be afraid to haggle - it is well expected, and prices can be brought down significantly if you demonstrate enough persistence.