Yunnan Tea Wholesale Market


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Yunnan Tea Wholesale Market

One of the largest wholesale tea markets in Yunnan features countless tea vendors and stalls selling all things tea, from brewing equipment to artisan porcelain tea sets. Pu'er hails from Yunnan, so there are plenty of varieties on offer. Apart from the native brews, it also sells the vast array of Chinese teas from other provinces. Mind that making yourself understood without at least some knowledge of Chinese will be difficult, so it's advisable to have a Chinese speaker on your team, or have your desired tea varieties all written down as you request them. Do not settle for the first price that's been announced.


Yunnan's ethnic minority groups each have honed crafts of their own, and products such as the Dai brocade or bronze pieces make for excellent gifts to bring back home. Pu'er tea, which originates from the province, is another great buy.