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Slovenia to Macedonia Real Food Adventure

Slovenia to Macedonia Real Food Adventure

If it’s a gourmet feast you want, a gourmet feast you shall get! This food inspired journey through the Balkans includes visits to salt pans, a truffle farm, wineries, waterfalls, national parks, fishing villages and so much more. Discover why Istria is considered one of the world’s leading producers of quality olive oil, eat Dalmatian-style under a metal bell, raise a glass of Slovenian wine or plum brandy with your small group, and shout ‘zivjeli!’ to the simple, home-style cuisine this region is famous for. Indulge in a traditional barbeque in Kosovo, dine on home-grown produce in the private garden of a Dihovo family and visit a centuries-old olive press outside of Kotor. Experience next level hospitality on this unforgettable epicurean odyssey.


  • Ljubljana – Schnapps tasting
  • Bled – Day Trip by Public Bus
  • Bled – Kremsnita Tasting
  • Ljubljana – Slovenian Cooking Class
  • Piran – Tasting Tour and Lunch
  • Motovun – Truffle Hunt and Tasting
  • Rovinj – Day Trip
  • Plitvice Lakes – National Park Visit
  • Rakovica – Home-cooked meal
  • Zadar – Nunnery & farm visit
  • Zadar – Local market visit
  • Split – Old Town Food and Culture Tour
  • Korcula – Leader-led orientation walk
  • Zrnovo – Cooking Class
  • Dubrovnik – Welcome Dinner
  • Konavle – Home-cooked lunch with wine tasting
  • Konavle – Ljuta visit
  • Njegusi – Smokehouse visit & tasting
  • Lustica – Olive oil farm visit
  • Prizren – Leader-led city tour
  • Shkoder – Rozafa Fortress visit
  • Pristina – Leader-led city tour
  • Pristina – Gracanica Monastery visit
  • Pristina – Serbian barbecue lunch
  • Tetovo – Painted Mosque
  • Debar – St Jovan Bigorski Monastery visit
  • Janche – Cooking class
  • Kuratica – Home-cooked dinner
  • Ohrid – Green Market
  • Prespa – Home-cooking demonstration
  • Prespa – Agriturismo visit & tasting
  • Dihovo – Beekeeper farm visit
  • Dihovo – Home-cooked lunch
  • Stobi – Stobi archaeological site
  • Tikves – Wine tasting
  • Matka – Matka Canyon boat cruise
  • Skopje – Green Market


  • Learn how to prepare local delicacies with hands-on experiences that include taking a cooking class in Ljubljana to indulge in Slovenian favourites, and joining local village women in Janche for a class focused on making local flaky pastries.
  • See behind the scenes of local produce when you visit a centuries-old smokehouse, an olive mill, an apple farm, go truffle hunting, and meet a local beekeeper for a honey tasting.
  • Throughout your culinary escapade, explore the stunning landscapes of the region, discovering the fairytale landscapes of Lake Bled, the falls of Plitvice Lakes, the lush Croatian island of Korcula, spectacular Matka Canyon and stunning Lake Prespa.
  • Experience an authentic taste of the Balkans and a look at local life when you dine in family homes in Rakovica, Ljuta, Ohrid, Lake Prespa and Dihovo.
  • Try the most iconic foods of Slovenia, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Kosovo, including smoked and barbecued meats, cheese, gjomleze and locally produced wine.

07/01/2023 through 09/11/2024
07/01/2023 through 09/14/2024

Day 1 Ljubljana
Day 2 Bled / Ljubljana
Day 3 Piran / Motovun
Day 4 Motovun
Day 5 Plitvice National Park / Rakovica
Day 6 Zadar
Day 7 Split
Day 8 Split
Day 9 Korcula
Day 10 Korcula
Day 11 Dubrovnik
Day 12 Kotor
Day 13 Kotor
Day 14 Prizren
Day 15 Janche
Day 16 Ohrid
Day 17 Ohrid
Day 18 Bitola
Day 19 Bitola
Day 20 Skopje
Day 21 Skopje
Day 22 Skopje

09/02/23 - 09/23/23

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